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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Absence Of Rain For A Prolonged Period Of Time
Solution: Drought

Question: Almost Hopeless
Solution: Forlorn

Question: Character Who Loved Not Too Wisely But Too Well
Solution: Othello

Question: Cortisol Producing Glands Near The Kidneys
Solution: Adrenal

Question: Cuddling Or Embracing
Solution: Hugging

Question: Dam Making River Creatures
Solution: Beavers

Question: Dick Dastardlys Canine Pal
Solution: Muttley

Question: Drink Includes Creme De Menthe Spirit
Solution: Stinger

Question: Ethereal Like A Ghoul
Solution: Ghostly

Question: Getting Wet For An Apple
Solution: Bobbing

Question: House Of The Ladies Of The Night
Solution: Brothel

Question: In The Pipeline
Solution: Pending

Question: Interviewing Actors For Parts
Solution: Casting

Question: Learned From Books
Solution: Studied

Question: Noise Some People Make When Sleeping
Solution: Snoring

Question: Pekoe Means White Down In
Solution: Chinese

Question: Ready And Willing To Listen
Solution: All ears

Question: Row Of Icons Typically Atop A Computer Screen
Solution: Toolbar

Question: Shape Of A Red Stop Road Sign
Solution: Octagon

Question: Shoe Production Technique Developed By Matzeliger
Solution: Lasting

Question: To Talk Nonsense Like A Face Cloth
Solution: Flannel

Question: Two Knights Comedy Produced By Howard Hughes
Solution: Arabian

Question: Australia Fair The Aussie National Anthem
Solution: Advance

Question: Rebellion Revolt By Samurai Against Reforms
Solution: Satsuma

Question: Stade De Bordeaux French Soccer Field
Solution: Nouveau

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