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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Area Ruled Over By An Heir Of An Austrian Emperor
Solution: Archduchy

Question: Area Ruled Over By Sovereign Princes Of Austria
Solution: Archduchy

Question: Chinese Or Indian Meals Delivered By Bike
Solution: Takeaways

Question: Crowdsourced Encyclopedia
Solution: Wikipedia

Question: Crowdsourced Online Reference Library
Solution: Wikipedia

Question: Electric Blowing Tool For Stylists
Solution: Hair dryer

Question: How Dinosaurs Evolved To Become So Huge
Solution: Gigantism

Question: King Father Of Imogen Who Banishes Posthumus
Solution: Cymbeline

Question: Leaning Towards
Solution: Inclining

Question: Parasite Studied By Winners Campbell And Omura
Solution: Roundworm

Question: Saying As Simple As Learning The Alphabet
Solution: Easy as abc

Question: Sondheims A Little Night Music Send In
Solution: The clowns

Question: Terraria Is A Sandbox Action Game
Solution: Adventure

Question: Where To Hit The Nail To Be Accurate
Solution: On the head

Question: Without Any Feeling Or Point
Solution: Senseless

Question: Won The 6th Academy Awards For Best Movie
Solution: Cavalcade

Question: Woody Allen Movie With Alvy Singer
Solution: Annie hall

Question: Working In A Piece Of Wood With A Penknife
Solution: Whittling

Question: Tea Citrus Drink For Healing Cold Sores
Solution: Lemon balm

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