Codycross Casino Group 279 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Anthony Author Of Kitchen Confidential
Solution: Bourdain

Question: Bin Liner
Solution: Trash bag

Question: Body Manipulation
Solution: Piercing

Question: Car Lights Used In Poor Visibility Conditions
Solution: Fog lamps

Question: Colored Feline That Means Good Or Bad Luck
Solution: Black cat

Question: Comedian Great Of Mrs Doubtfire Aladdin
Solution: Williams

Question: Completely Used Up
Solution: Consumed

Question: Creator Of Garfields Comic Strip
Solution: Jim davis

Question: Cyd Dancer Performed With Kelly And Astaire
Solution: Charisse

Question: Edouard Frances PM At The Start Of WWII
Solution: Daladier

Question: Employment Agreement
Solution: Contract

Question: Fourth Installment In The Mad Max Film Series
Solution: Fury road

Question: Fourth Of The Mad Max Film Series
Solution: Fury road

Question: Giggling
Solution: Laughing

Question: Much Ado About Nothing Heroine
Solution: Beatrice

Question: Prominent Ice Covered Mountain In Ellsworth Land
Solution: Anderson

Question: Small Edible Seeds That Come From A Tree Cone
Solution: Pine nuts

Question: Spoken In The Island Where Napoleon Was Born
Solution: Corsican

Question: Try Not To Overload The Donkey He Might Kick
Solution: Buckaroo

Question: Worlds Most Popular Sport
Solution: Football

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