Codycross Casino Group 279 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 3 D Circle A Ball
Solution: Sphere

Question: A Treeless Northern Region With Frozen Subsoil
Solution: Tundra

Question: Designated Locations For Boats In A Harbor
Solution: Berths

Question: Eastern European Circled Bread Used In Rituals
Solution: Kalach

Question: Eddie British Comedian Who Is Dressed To Kill
Solution: Izzard

Question: Eddie Cross Dressing Comic
Solution: Izzard

Question: Eddie Cross Dressing Stand Up Comedian
Solution: Izzard

Question: En Or Tip Toes
Solution: Pointe

Question: Fox Drama About A Record Label
Solution: Empire

Question: Mild Chili Pepper With A Fruit Name Pepper
Solution: Banana

Question: Rickety Battered Old Car Term Linked To The 1930s
Solution: Jalopy

Question: Sacred River Flowing Into The Dead Sea
Solution: Jordan

Question: Scented Ointment Applied To The Hair
Solution: Pomade

Question: Talent Show Judge Simon
Solution: Cowell

Question: The Cried Wolf
Solution: Boy who

Question: Top Collectible Cards
Solution: Trumps

Question: Unyielding Obdurate
Solution: Flinty

Question: Zigzagging Ski Race Around Poles
Solution: Slalom

Question: Was Here Graffiti Meme From WWII
Solution: Kilroy

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