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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Low Mound Or Ridge Of Earth A Knoll
Solution: Hummock

Question: Actor William Played Captain Kirk In Star Trek
Solution: Shatner

Question: Belonging To Angels Angel Like
Solution: Angelic

Question: Black Vodka Combined With Coffee Liqueur
Solution: Russian

Question: Eight Legged Denizen Of The Sea
Solution: Octopus

Question: Figures That Wobble But Dont Fall Down
Solution: Weebles

Question: Getting Up From Sitting Lying Down
Solution: Arising

Question: Less Smooth Anagram Of Plumier
Solution: Lumpier

Question: Medicine Used In Your Ear To Prevent Infections
Solution: Ear drop

Question: Owner Of Most Famous Declaration Signature
Solution: Hancock

Question: Sarah American Horror Story Actress
Solution: Paulson

Question: Scottish Nobel Winner For Work In Penicillin
Solution: Fleming

Question: Service Dress
Solution: Uniform

Question: Study Of Versification Poetry Subcategory
Solution: Prosody

Question: Swinging Bed Tied Between Two Supports
Solution: Hammock

Question: The Man Who Skied Down Documentary
Solution: Everest

Question: This Cubist Was No Square
Solution: Picasso

Question: Where A Select Group Holds Power
Solution: Elitism

Question: Where A Select Or Favored Group Holds Power
Solution: Elitism

Question: And Iseult Lovers Of Arthurian Legend
Solution: Tristan

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