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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Depraved Person
Solution: Miscreant

Question: Country That Was Part Of Malaysia Until 1965
Solution: Singapore

Question: David Bowies Final Album
Solution: Blackstar

Question: Dont Mention It My Pleasure
Solution: No worries

Question: Earliest Entertainment Treatment Of The Mousetrap
Solution: Radio play

Question: Kiwi Rugby Union Side
Solution: All blacks

Question: Maryland City In Which The Wire Was Set
Solution: Baltimore

Question: Neurotransmitter Levels Are Related To Depression
Solution: Serotonin

Question: On Ship It Is Measured By A Pallograph
Solution: Vibration

Question: Period Of Wooing Or Elaborate Mating Display
Solution: Courtship

Question: Played Mad Max In The Original Series Of Films
Solution: Mel gibson

Question: Poker Expert Gambler Or Hustler
Solution: Card shark

Question: South African City Centre Of Diamond Mining
Solution: Kimberley

Question: Sporty MLB Side From Oakland
Solution: Athletics

Question: Tire Manufacturer
Solution: Firestone

Question: Train Carriage Where You Can Eat
Solution: Buffet car

Question: Young Friend Of Lyra In His Dark Materials
Solution: Will parry

Question: Yogurt Eastern European Fermented Milk Product
Solution: Bulgarian

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