Codycross Casino Group 278 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Football In Most Places
Solution: Soccer

Question: A Deep Roaring Sound
Solution: Bellow

Question: A Heavy Wooden Hammering Or Ramming Instrument
Solution: Beetle

Question: A Tube And Rubber Ball Utensil For Moistening Food
Solution: Baster

Question: Allegiance To A Feudal Lord
Solution: Fealty

Question: Dont Miss Anything Keep Your Eyes
Solution: Peeled

Question: Famous Composer Honored Annually In Salzburg
Solution: Mozart

Question: Female Monarchs
Solution: Queens

Question: German River Flowing Through Stuttgart
Solution: Neckar

Question: Haitian Rapper In Hips Dont Lie Jean
Solution: Wyclef

Question: Heroic Collie
Solution: Lassie

Question: Identity Parade Anagram Of Lupine
Solution: Lineup

Question: Japanese Motor Company Prominent In Rallying
Solution: Subaru

Question: Long Dress Worn By Medieval Women
Solution: Kirtle

Question: Method
Solution: System

Question: Not Cautious Of Danger
Solution: Unwary

Question: Passengers Moved Off An Overbooked Flight
Solution: Bumped

Question: Pearly Gates Is Allegedly The Entrance Of This
Solution: Heaven

Question: Phil Voiced Baloo The Bear In Jungle Book
Solution: Harris

Question: Saul Winner Of Three National Book Awards
Solution: Bellow

Question: Spin In Politics A Public Relations Expert
Solution: Doctor

Question: The Dog Is A Black And White Walt Disney Film
Solution: Shaggy

Question: De Rossi Wife Of Ellen DeGeneres
Solution: Portia

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