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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Person Native To London
Solution: British

Question: Branch Of Medicine Concerned With The Ear
Solution: Otology

Question: CHiPs Star Erik
Solution: Estrada

Question: Capital Of Thailand Also Known As Krung Thep
Solution: Bangkok

Question: Expert Espresso Server In A Coffee Shop
Solution: Barista

Question: Fifth Letter Of The Greek Alphabet Starts With E
Solution: Epsilon

Question: German City Controversially Bombed In WWII
Solution: Dresden

Question: I Am From Hermans La Cage Aux Folles
Solution: What i am

Question: Lego Range For Building Complex Machines
Solution: Technic

Question: Life Is Beautiful Director Roberto
Solution: Benigni

Question: Low Level Gray Cloud Near Ground Resembles Mist
Solution: Stratus

Question: Receptacle For Flicking Cigarette Detritus Into
Solution: Ashtray

Question: Sinclair Lewis Archetype Of Conformism
Solution: Babbitt

Question: To Reproach Berate
Solution: Upbraid

Question: Took Power By Force
Solution: Usurped

Question: Turned Milk Into Butter
Solution: Churned

Question: Wooden Post To Support Beers Raw Ingredient
Solution: Hop pole

Question: De Vil Tried To Catch 101 Dalmatians
Solution: Cruella

Question: F First Console To Use A Microprocessor
Solution: Channel

Question: Room Where Conferences Are Held
Solution: Meeting

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