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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Mayonnaise Or Aioli Based Sauce
Solution: Tartar

Question: Andre Retired Former World No 1 Tennis Pro
Solution: Agassi

Question: Andre Former World No 1 Tennis Pro
Solution: Agassi

Question: Character In One Thousand And One Nights
Solution: Sinbad

Question: Depressed Submerged
Solution: Sunken

Question: Figure Of Enlightenment In Ancient Indian Religion
Solution: Buddha

Question: He Serves Food To People
Solution: Waiter

Question: Ice Houses Built By The Inuit
Solution: Igloos

Question: Japanese Battle Cry
Solution: Banzai

Question: Large Gate Or Entrance Gateway On A Website
Solution: Portal

Question: Leveraged Management Buying Control
Solution: Buyout

Question: Metal Blades For Chopping Vegetables
Solution: Knives

Question: Requiescat Latin Phrase Meaning Rest In Peace
Solution: In pace

Question: Sand Surfing On Sand
Solution: Kiting

Question: Sand Wind Toy Used To Surf On Sand
Solution: Kiting

Question: The Plastic Tips On The End Of Shoelaces
Solution: Aglets

Question: To Begin A Journey Or Quest
Solution: Embark

Question: Very Poor Person Supported By Public Charity
Solution: Pauper

Question: Without Any Difficulty Or Problem
Solution: Easily

Question: Jones US Musical Mentor Producer
Solution: Quincy

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