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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Major Holiday And Anagram Of Shirt Scam
Solution: Christmas

Question: An Englishmans Home Is
Solution: His castle

Question: Antonym Of Roughest
Solution: Smoothest

Question: Common Name For Alcea Flowers With Hairy Leaves
Solution: Hollyhock

Question: Discounted Branded Clothing Store Rack
Solution: Nordstrom

Question: Fictional Character Whose Nose Grows When He Lies
Solution: Pinocchio

Question: Liev Schreiber Villain X Men Origins
Solution: Wolverine

Question: Medieval Portuguese Castle And Heritage Site
Solution: Guimaraes

Question: Office Chamber Where The Directors Meet
Solution: Boardroom

Question: One Who Feigns Illness To Avoid Work
Solution: Goldbrick

Question: Raised Skin Prickle In Fear
Solution: Goosebump

Question: Subtraction Symbol
Solution: Minus sign

Question: Surface That The French Open Is Played On
Solution: Clay court

Question: The Mathematical Symbol For Subtracting
Solution: Minus sign

Question: The Mathematical Symbol For Taking Away
Solution: Minus sign

Question: Tiny Pieces Of Wood
Solution: Chippings

Question: Troggs And Jimi Hendrix Song
Solution: Wild thing

Question: Type Of Swan Sounds Like It Has A Brass Instrument
Solution: Trumpeter

Question: Tea Hot Toddy Variety With Small Fruit
Solution: Blueberry

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