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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Autumn Berries Are In Hedgerows
Solution: Ripening

Question: Babys Binky
Solution: Pacifier

Question: Casino Game With Option To Bet On Bank Or Player
Solution: Baccarat

Question: Chewy Italian Dessert Like Florentine
Solution: Panforte

Question: Desserts In Paper Cases With Icing And Sprinkles
Solution: Cupcakes

Question: Film With Guns Explosions Suspense And Mystery
Solution: Thriller

Question: Indian Green Pepper Curry Rhymes With Pal Crazy
Solution: Jalfrezi

Question: Inferior Not Legitimate
Solution: Spurious

Question: Motioned To Approach With The Hand
Solution: Beckoned

Question: Roy Jaws Police Chief
Solution: Scheider

Question: Russian Republic Elista Is The Capital
Solution: Kalmykia

Question: Showed A Theory To Be Erroneous
Solution: Debunked

Question: Small Rectangular Harpsichord Often Legless
Solution: Virginal

Question: Theatre Of War In WWI Now Called Thessaloniki
Solution: Salonika

Question: To Beg Borrow Or Cadge
Solution: Scrounge

Question: William Herschel Discovered This Type Of Radiation
Solution: Infrared

Question: Amadeus Mozart His First Name
Solution: Wolfgang

Question: Marshall First Black Supreme Court Justice
Solution: Thurgood

Question: Nervosa Eating Disorder
Solution: Anorexia

Question: Ecole Polytechnique Federale Is In This Swiss City
Solution: Lausanne

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