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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: According To Song Where To Pack Up Your Troubles
Solution: Kit bag

Question: All In The Family Character Archie
Solution: Bunker

Question: Area Of Low Pressure In Meteorology
Solution: Trough

Question: Cards Suit Chosen So As To Beat All The Others
Solution: Trumps

Question: Film And Radio Actor Citizen Kane Orson
Solution: Welles

Question: Hanoi Prisoner Camp Used By North Vietnamese
Solution: Hilton

Question: Instrument Played By Elvis Eg Gibson J 200
Solution: Guitar

Question: It Precedes Winter
Solution: Autumn

Question: Little Miss Muffets Seat
Solution: Tuffet

Question: Long Journey
Solution: Voyage

Question: Microblogging Social Media
Solution: Tumblr

Question: Mother Of Jacobs Sons Dan And Naphtali
Solution: Bilhah

Question: Ms Muffet Seat Low Stool Pouffe
Solution: Tuffet

Question: Perfect In A Language
Solution: Fluent

Question: Son Of Your Brother
Solution: Nephew

Question: Super Water Gun Developed By Lonnie Johnson
Solution: Soaker

Question: The Part Of An Insect Between Head And Abdomen
Solution: Thorax

Question: To Distribute Arrange In Groups
Solution: Assort

Question: Apple Thinly Cut With A Knife
Solution: Sliced

Question: Hound Large Silky Haired Dog With A Black Mask
Solution: Afghan

Question: Pea Used For Making Rice And Peas
Solution: Pigeon

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