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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 2010 Disney Film About Rapunzel
Solution: Tangled

Question: A Garden With Plants Growing Among Stones
Solution: Rockery

Question: A Long Standing Enemy
Solution: Nemesis

Question: A Strong And Tough Man
Solution: Bruiser

Question: Aircraft With Two Sets Of Wings
Solution: Biplane

Question: Archaic Expression For News Such As Glad
Solution: Tidings

Question: Army Officer Below A Brigadier In The British Army
Solution: Colonel

Question: Author Of The Sport Of Queens Dick
Solution: Francis

Question: Barrier Reef Is Silvery With Yellow Dorsal
Solution: Chromis

Question: Benchmarks Criteria
Solution: Metrics

Question: Black And White Bird That Cannot Fly
Solution: Penguin

Question: Chinese Board Game Of Matching Tiles
Solution: Mahjong

Question: English Inventor Of The Flying Shuttle For Looms
Solution: John kay

Question: Famous English Lexicographer Samuel
Solution: Johnson

Question: Haitian Voodoo Male Priest Female Is Mambo
Solution: Houngan

Question: Huge Ape
Solution: Gorilla

Question: In The Simpsons Skinner Is The Principal
Solution: Seymour

Question: In The News
Solution: Topical

Question: Meteorologists Study
Solution: Weather

Question: Movable Or Immovable Property No Real Estate
Solution: Chattel

Question: Nation Estate
Solution: Country

Question: Nobel Prize Won By Scientists Einstein And Bohr
Solution: Physics

Question: Noted French Art Nouveau Glassmaker Rene
Solution: Lalique

Question: One Fourth
Solution: Quarter

Question: Pirate Buccaneer Barbary
Solution: Corsair

Question: Putting On A Performance Of A Play
Solution: Staging

Question: Reduction In Rate Quantity Money
Solution: Cutback

Question: Silliness Absurdity Folly
Solution: Foolery

Question: Surname Of Lady Dis Wedding Dress Designers
Solution: Emanuel

Question: The Last Show Black And White Coming Of Age Film
Solution: Picture

Question: The Ability To Make Others Well
Solution: Healing

Question: The Period Of Time At The End Of The Day
Solution: Evening

Question: To Control Or Supervise
Solution: Monitor

Question: Topeka Based Famous Discount Shoe Line
Solution: Payless

Question: Triangle With Unequal Length Sides
Solution: Scalene

Question: Biel Married To Justin Timberlake
Solution: Jessica

Question: National Ugandan Arena South African President
Solution: Mandela

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