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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 30 Seconds Is A General Game
Solution: Knowledge

Question: A Catches Mice In Your House
Solution: Mousetrap

Question: A Strong Reaction To Something Unexpected
Solution: Shockwave

Question: Can Be Divided
Solution: Shareable

Question: Close Assistant Not On The Left Side Man
Solution: Right hand

Question: Cold War Romanian Dictator
Solution: Ceausescu

Question: Compressed Fuel Block Especially For Barbecues
Solution: Briquette

Question: Fatty Portion Of Milk
Solution: Butterfat

Question: Game For Playing On Your Own
Solution: Solitaire

Question: In Good Order Like A Neat Boat
Solution: Ship shape

Question: In Good Order Like An Organized Boat
Solution: Ship shape

Question: Italian Composer Of 1950s Stringed Arrangements
Solution: Mantovani

Question: Large Pine Species Common Across North America
Solution: Ponderosa

Question: Merry Monarch Ruled Until 1685
Solution: Charles ii

Question: Millennium Global Hotel Group
Solution: Copthorne

Question: Navigable Airship
Solution: Dirigible

Question: Sixth Bond Film You Only
Solution: Live twice

Question: Thomas Third President Of The United States
Solution: Jefferson

Question: What Bees Do
Solution: Pollinate

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