Codycross Casino Group 276 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Bridge Over Water Written By Paul Simon
Solution: Troubled

Question: 40s Menswear With Broad Shouldered Drapey Jackets
Solution: Zoot suit

Question: Ancient Microcontinent In Indian Ocean
Solution: Mauritia

Question: Boxes For A Title
Solution: Contends

Question: Campbells Food Tins By Andy Warhol
Solution: Soup cans

Question: Clergy Member
Solution: Minister

Question: Contaminated Anagram Of Poseidon
Solution: Poisoned

Question: Country That Is Home To Serengeti National Park
Solution: Tanzania

Question: Discounted Ticket Price For A Large Group
Solution: Bulk fare

Question: Disposable Drinking Vessel
Solution: Paper cup

Question: Documentary March Of The
Solution: Penguins

Question: Founder Of SpaceX
Solution: Elon musk

Question: French President During The Unrest Of 1968
Solution: Pompidou

Question: Good Wishes For A Traveller Starting A Journey
Solution: Godspeed

Question: Governed Was In Authority Over
Solution: Presided

Question: Inflatable Supports Worn To Aid Swimming
Solution: Armbands

Question: Link Between Black White Shortcut Through Time
Solution: Worm hole

Question: Metal Company Whose Name Is Linked With Copper
Solution: Rio tinto

Question: Mont Sainte Cezanne Artworks Of Provence
Solution: Victoire

Question: Receptacle That Rustles
Solution: Paper bag

Question: Scrabble Is A For Two To Four Players
Solution: Word game

Question: Slang For Someone Who Fails To Open Their Wallet
Solution: Tightwad

Question: Stark Pet In GOT
Solution: Direwolf

Question: The Female In Charge Of The Hive
Solution: Queen bee

Question: The Most Extravagant
Solution: Fanciest

Question: Two Player Card Game Evolved From Whisky Poker
Solution: Gin rummy

Question: Lenin Russian Communist Revolutionary
Solution: Vladimir

Question: World Former Family Sitcom Of TGIF
Solution: Boy meets

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