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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Turophile Is A Lover Think Dairy
Solution: Cheese

Question: Amazon River Aka Caqueta River
Solution: Japura

Question: Bad Luck Always Comes In
Solution: Threes

Question: Bounced On One Foot
Solution: Hopped

Question: Bugs Bunnys Original Name Happy
Solution: Rabbit

Question: Ethical Lessons
Solution: Morals

Question: Flattened Metal Bolts Used In Shipbuilding
Solution: Rivets

Question: Fluffy Dry Creature In Gremlins
Solution: Mogwai

Question: Gary Sirius Black In The Harry Potter Films
Solution: Oldman

Question: Greek Mythological Sun God Who Rode A Gold Chariot
Solution: Helios

Question: Industrial Process For Producing Sodium Carbonate
Solution: Solvay

Question: Inheritance
Solution: Legacy

Question: Kids Drawing Tool Made Of Pigmented Wax
Solution: Crayon

Question: LeVar Young Kunta Kinte Geordi La Forge
Solution: Burton

Question: Leafy Shelters In A Garden
Solution: Bowers

Question: Mega Toy Brand Owns Playskool Parker Brothers
Solution: Hasbro

Question: Merchant Vessel That Transports Liquids Gases
Solution: Tanker

Question: Monotonously Talks On And On
Solution: Drones

Question: Oneirophobia The Fear Of
Solution: Dreams

Question: Past Tense Of Teach
Solution: Taught

Question: People Carry Lucky Such As Rabbits Paws
Solution: Charms

Question: Pie Medieval Courts That Sat In Market Squares
Solution: Poudre

Question: Pieces Or Large Portions
Solution: Chunks

Question: Pungent Small Bulb Good For Roasting
Solution: Garlic

Question: Small Green Leaves That Protect A Flowers Head
Solution: Sepals

Question: Toxic Disease From Infection Also Septicemia
Solution: Sepsis

Question: Bells Ringing Device On A Harness Or Horse
Solution: Sleigh

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