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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Ally McBeal Portrayer Flockhart
Solution: Calista

Question: Beer Or Spirits Or Wine
Solution: Alcohol

Question: Birds Of Prey
Solution: Raptors

Question: Flag Waving Communist Followers Of Chairman Mao
Solution: Red army

Question: Giuseppi Verdis Nationality
Solution: Italian

Question: Greet At The Door
Solution: Welcome

Question: Kevin Former NBA MVP For The Timberwolves
Solution: Garnett

Question: Moon Phase Between Half Moon And Full Moon
Solution: Gibbous

Question: Place Where The Golden Fleece Hung From A Tree
Solution: Colchis

Question: Plant Of The Daisy Family Anagram Of Wagered
Solution: Ragweed

Question: Skin Lesion Disease Of Sheep Cattle And Humans
Solution: Anthrax

Question: Smallest Planet In The Solar System
Solution: Mercury

Question: South Australia Famous Winemaking Region Valley
Solution: Barossa

Question: Southern African Country With The Loti As Currency
Solution: Lesotho

Question: The Meat Of A Deer
Solution: Venison

Question: They Say A Lot But Usually Do Very Little
Solution: Talkers

Question: Three Dimensional Sudoku
Solution: Tredoku

Question: To Prepare For Sleep
Solution: Kip down

Question: Unscrupulous Casino Dealer Forte Of Hand
Solution: Sleight

Question: Vacation
Solution: Holiday

Question: Wise And Learned Showing Good Judgment
Solution: Sapient

Question: Yoga With Props Furniture Yoga
Solution: Iyengar

Question: 4 Aim To Get Four Discs In A Row
Solution: Connect

Question: Matched And Dispatched Describes Life Stages
Solution: Hatched

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