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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 2 Words Having The Same Spelling Or Pronunciation
Solution: Homonyms

Question: Amphibious Landing Place At Gallipoli In WWI
Solution: Suvla bay

Question: Before The Molar
Solution: Bicuspid

Question: Biblical Woman Who Became Salt
Solution: Lots wife

Question: Canadian Born UK PM With The Shortest Tenure
Solution: Bonar law

Question: Feeling Of Impending Doom
Solution: Dreading

Question: Hot Wheels Competitor
Solution: Matchbox

Question: Irish Featherweight Boxer Barry
Solution: Mcguigan

Question: Japanese Sweet Bun Looks Like Melon
Solution: Melonpan

Question: Kids Card Game Involves Assault
Solution: Slapjack

Question: Lerner And Lowe Musical Set In London My
Solution: Fair lady

Question: Manufacturer Of Automobiles
Solution: Carmaker

Question: Mark Zuckerberg Founded This Social Media Platform
Solution: Facebook

Question: Member Of A Discussion Group
Solution: Panelist

Question: People Who Travel Aimlessly
Solution: Drifters

Question: The Karamazov Was Dostoyevskys Final Novel
Solution: Brothers

Question: To Block A Passage Impede
Solution: Obstruct

Question: Touch Responsive Area Of A Laptop
Solution: Trackpad

Question: Traffic Collision Or Chaotic Situation
Solution: Car crash

Question: Zuckerbergs Platform
Solution: Facebook

Question: Airlines Flight MH370 Has Never Been Found
Solution: Malaysia

Question: Never Falls Far From The Tree
Solution: The apple

Question: 1943 Propaganda Film The Mary Ann
Solution: Air force

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