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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A In ATM
Solution: Automated

Question: A Sale To Get Rid Of Merchandise
Solution: Clearance

Question: A Sunken Boat That Remains Beneath The Waves
Solution: Shipwreck

Question: Absurd Talk Sounds Like A Flower Chicken Cross
Solution: Poppycock

Question: Architect Who Built The London 2012 Aquatics Centre
Solution: Zaha hadid

Question: Capital Of Pakistan
Solution: Islamabad

Question: Choppy Furious Movement Eg Of The Sea
Solution: Turbulent

Question: Distress Device Shown In The Sky To Alert Batman
Solution: Bat signal

Question: Dress Worn By Christian Clergy
Solution: Vestments

Question: Early 20th Century Pre WWI England The Age
Solution: Edwardian

Question: Eldest Offspring
Solution: Firstborn

Question: Florida State Play At Bobby Bowden Field
Solution: Seminoles

Question: Half Espresso Half Milk Italian Coffee
Solution: Antoccino

Question: Informal Name For American Dollar Bills
Solution: Greenback

Question: Island In The Svalbard Archipelago Breibukta Bay
Solution: Helgoland

Question: Land Used For Grazing
Solution: Pasturage

Question: Large Inlet Of The Caribbean Sea In Venezuela
Solution: Maracaibo

Question: Mechanized Device Created By Jethro Tull
Solution: Seed drill

Question: New Years Eve In Germany
Solution: Silvester

Question: Small Towel For Cleaning Babies In The Bath
Solution: Washcloth

Question: Term For The Crime Of Killing Ones Father
Solution: Patricide

Question: The Finding Of A New Piece Of Land
Solution: Discovery

Question: Treasure Carrying Engine Buried In Polish Tunnel
Solution: Gold train

Question: Brown Ale Blue Star Brew Called Newkie Brown
Solution: Newcastle

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