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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Arthur Wrote Memoirs Of A Geisha
Solution: Golden

Question: Body Lotion That Sounds Like A Dairy Spread
Solution: Butter

Question: Gustav S Music Was Banned By The Nazis
Solution: Mahler

Question: Hairpiece
Solution: Toupee

Question: Hand Held Shaking Device For Babies
Solution: Rattle

Question: Hitchcock Film Known For Freaky Shower Scene
Solution: Psycho

Question: Large Folder Often With Rings
Solution: Binder

Question: Middle East Country With Blue Star On Flag
Solution: Israel

Question: Positioned At The Rear Of Not In Front
Solution: Behind

Question: Shows Off Misbehaves
Solution: Acts up

Question: The Capital Of Niger
Solution: Niamey

Question: The Fool In A Kings Court
Solution: Jester

Question: The Kings Fool
Solution: Jester

Question: The Roof Of The Mouth
Solution: Palate

Question: Towards The Center
Solution: Inward

Question: Yogurt Served Very Cold Popular In South Africa
Solution: Tuttis

Question: Lopez US Comedian Had Self Titled Sitcom
Solution: George

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