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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Baltimore Is The Biggest City In This US State
Solution: Maryland

Question: Basque Separatist Party Banned In 2003
Solution: Batasuna

Question: Building Up Accumulating
Solution: Accruing

Question: Cute Lovable
Solution: Adorable

Question: Deny Someone Proximity
Solution: Push away

Question: Fierce Loyalty To Someone Or Something
Solution: Fidelity

Question: Getting The Better Of Someone
Solution: Tricking

Question: Highly Concentrated Coffee Served In Small Cups
Solution: Espresso

Question: Large Natural Lake In Northwestern Spain
Solution: Sanabria

Question: Lears True Daughter
Solution: Cordelia

Question: Observing
Solution: Watching

Question: The Great Son Of Music Professor Musical
Solution: Ziegfeld

Question: Viral Disease Variola That Leaves Skin Scars
Solution: Smallpox

Question: Whitewater Extreme Double Paddle Sport
Solution: Kayaking

Question: Yiddish Word For Cloying Sentimentality
Solution: Schmaltz

Question: Your Name
Solution: Identity

Question: Plan US Aid For Post WWII European Rebuilding
Solution: Marshall

Question: Bird Military Member Of The Stork Family
Solution: Adjutant

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