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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Accustomed Anagram Of Ruined
Solution: Inured

Question: Chess Game Piece Thats A Position In The Clergy
Solution: Bishop

Question: European Coin First Minted In Florence
Solution: Florin

Question: Eurythmics Singer Who Dreamt Sweetly
Solution: Lennox

Question: Hair That Is Not Smooth And Neat
Solution: Frizzy

Question: Makes Butter
Solution: Churns

Question: Mandatory Protein In A Ploughmans Lunch
Solution: Cheese

Question: Old Is A 1957 Movie About A Boy And His Dog
Solution: Yeller

Question: Post Apocalyptic Film With Mel Gibson
Solution: Mad max

Question: Sailing Ship Such As The Endurance And Terra Nova
Solution: Barque

Question: Small Monastery
Solution: Priory

Question: Start A Golf Game
Solution: Tee off

Question: The Capital Of Iowa Des
Solution: Moines

Question: To Be No Help Whatsoever
Solution: Hinder

Question: To Rumple Dishevel
Solution: Tousle

Question: Walkers In Nature
Solution: Hikers

Question: Coben US Thriller Writer
Solution: Harlan

Question: Gardens Florence Park Adjoining Pitti Palace
Solution: Boboli

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