Codycross Casino Group 273 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 1979 Bond Film Featuring Jaws
Solution: Moonraker

Question: A Turbine Driven Plane Engine With Propeller
Solution: Turboprop

Question: Buzz Lightyears Catchphrase To Infinity
Solution: And beyond

Question: Childrens Toy A Pole For Hopping Around On
Solution: Pogo stick

Question: Chronicler Whose Work Was Used By Shakespeare
Solution: Holinshed

Question: Deep Water Fishing Boat Using Many Baited Hooks
Solution: Long liner

Question: Feeling Trendy Jump On This
Solution: Bandwagon

Question: Followers Of The Teachings Of Siddhartha Gautama
Solution: Buddhists

Question: Neolithic Village Settlement In The Orkney Isles
Solution: Skara brae

Question: Non Slippery For Vehicles
Solution: Skidproof

Question: Pillow Stuffing From Large Bird
Solution: Goose down

Question: Pointed Out Designated
Solution: Indicated

Question: Sea Containing The West And East Indies
Solution: Caribbean

Question: Sits Quietly In Yoga Posture
Solution: Meditates

Question: Space Eater
Solution: Black hole

Question: The Thinking Behind An Action
Solution: Reasoning

Question: UK Flag Nickname
Solution: Union jack

Question: Liaisons Choderlos De Lacloss Classic Tale
Solution: Dangerous

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