Codycross Casino Group 273 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Addicted To Love Singer Robert
Solution: Palmer

Question: 1967 Bond Spoof Casino
Solution: Royale

Question: A Person That Behaves In A Dishonest Way
Solution: Humbug

Question: Argentine River Flows Into The Parana River
Solution: Salado

Question: Belle Is A Main Character Of And The Beast
Solution: Beauty

Question: Bone Of The Middle Ear Also Called Malleus
Solution: Hammer

Question: Dress More Colorful Than The Rainbow
Solution: Muu muu

Question: Hybrid Of A Zebra And A Donkey
Solution: Zonkey

Question: LDW Insurance Waiver Against Loss And
Solution: Damage

Question: Mermaid Movie With Daryl Hannah
Solution: Splash

Question: Parodies
Solution: Spoofs

Question: Respectful Bow For Women And Girls
Solution: Curtsy

Question: Sound Sound Proofed Areas On A Film Set
Solution: Stages

Question: Spoiled Or Rotten Food Oil
Solution: Rancid

Question: Straight Road Or Path Lined By Trees
Solution: Avenue

Question: Transvaal President Boer Leader Against Britain
Solution: Kruger

Question: Water Sound When Something Hits The Surface
Solution: Splash

Question: Wes Nightmare On Elm Street Director
Solution: Craven

Question: Word For Nonsense And A Boiled Sweet
Solution: Humbug

Question: Milano Child Star Later Became Charmed
Solution: Alyssa

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