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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Hindu Hermitage
Solution: Ashram

Question: Book Of The Old Testament With The Story Of Samson
Solution: Judges

Question: Continent With The Largest Hippo Population
Solution: Africa

Question: Frys College Roommate On Futurama
Solution: Monkey

Question: Fungal Disease Of Potatoes
Solution: Blight

Question: Green Puppet Frog Who Loves Miss Piggy
Solution: Kermit

Question: Hebrew Languages Home
Solution: Israel

Question: How Beijing Was Once Known In The West
Solution: Peking

Question: In Music Quickly Alternating Notes Like Birdsong
Solution: Trills

Question: Influence Or Impact Of Something
Solution: Effect

Question: Knit And Social Club For Knitters And Talkers
Solution: Natter

Question: Large Slave City On The Continent Of Essos
Solution: Yunkai

Question: Largest Greek Airline Named After A Sea
Solution: Aegean

Question: Metallic Strand Decoration
Solution: Tinsel

Question: Mythical Character Who Flew Too Close To The Sun
Solution: Icarus

Question: Sports Coat
Solution: Jacket

Question: Tear Manipulative Sentimental Film Or Book
Solution: Jerker

Question: The Man Woodward Horror About Burning Effigy
Solution: Wicker

Question: To Dramatically Reduce In Size
Solution: Shrink

Question: Unpaid And Unfree Labor Of Vassals In Feudalism
Solution: Corvee

Question: McDonald House Help For Kids In Need
Solution: Ronald

Question: Wrap Another Name For Cling Film
Solution: Shrink

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