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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Breed Of Short Legged Cats
Solution: Munchkin

Question: Americas Next Reality Show About Fashion
Solution: Top model

Question: Ancient Roman Coin Worth A Quarter Of A Denarius
Solution: Sesterce

Question: French Term For A Well Done Steak
Solution: Bien cuit

Question: Gambling Game With A Ball And A Wheel
Solution: Roulette

Question: Gustave Madame Bovary Author
Solution: Flaubert

Question: Hassling Or Putting Pressure On Someone
Solution: Hounding

Question: Jewish Minor Prophet His Book Follows Nahum
Solution: Habakkuk

Question: La Tomato Throwing Festival In Bunol Spain
Solution: Tomatina

Question: Light Footedly
Solution: Daintily

Question: Medical Term For Baldness
Solution: Alopecia

Question: Movie Where Steve McQueen Escapes Devils Island
Solution: Papillon

Question: Part Of A Driver That Strikes The Golf Ball
Solution: Club head

Question: Regularly Erupting Geothermal Geyser In Iceland
Solution: Strokkur

Question: Small Beads Of Rainwater
Solution: Droplets

Question: Talks Uncontrollably
Solution: Chatters

Question: White House Area Has Oval Office Situation Room
Solution: West wing

Question: International Airport Code HKG
Solution: Hong kong

Question: The Is Always Right
Solution: Customer

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