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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Anakin Was 20 During The Battle Of In Star Wars
Solution: Geonosis

Question: As Smooth As A Quiet Calm
Solution: Millpond

Question: Bart Simpson Watches The Itchy And Show
Solution: Scratchy

Question: Canadas Two National Sports Ice Hockey And
Solution: Lacrosse

Question: Dont Teach Your Grandmother How To
Solution: Suck eggs

Question: Flourishes Rapidly Grows
Solution: Burgeons

Question: Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale The Ugly
Solution: Duckling

Question: Lumberjacks Tool
Solution: Chain saw

Question: Neatness
Solution: Tidiness

Question: Nonhuman Mammal With The Longest Lifespan
Solution: Elephant

Question: Notice Of Violation
Solution: Citation

Question: Small Tubes Of Pasta Often Baked With Cheese
Solution: Macaroni

Question: South American Small Pie With Meat And Veg
Solution: Empanada

Question: Spiky Desert Plants Plural With S
Solution: Cactuses

Question: These Mammals Have Long Trunks
Solution: Elephant

Question: This Kid Worked As A Ranch Hand In Alberta
Solution: Sundance

Question: This Mammal Has A Long Trunk
Solution: Elephant

Question: Toy Small Metal Military Men
Solution: Soldiers

Question: US President Shot In Public Died During Surgery
Solution: Garfield

Question: Research Center Studying Gorillas In The Wild
Solution: Karisoke

Question: Be Thy Name Second Line Of Lords Prayer
Solution: Hallowed

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