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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Better Be Stung By A Than Pricked By A Rose
Solution: Nettle

Question: A Complete Failure
Solution: Fiasco

Question: Aeromodeling Is And Flight Of Model Planes
Solution: Design

Question: Another Word For Scary Or Creepy
Solution: Spooky

Question: Battleship Was A And Paper Game Until 1967
Solution: Pencil

Question: Cause A Wound
Solution: Injure

Question: Country That Won The Six Day War In 1967
Solution: Israel

Question: Country With The Largest Orange Production
Solution: Brazil

Question: D In DTH
Solution: Direct

Question: Dating A Matchmaking Business
Solution: Agency

Question: Grabbing Receiving
Solution: Taking

Question: Hip Hop Singer
Solution: Rapper

Question: Image Or Character To Represent You Online
Solution: Avatar

Question: It Rhymes With Snoopy Floozy And Snooty
Solution: Spooky

Question: Office Trivial Talks Usually Take Place Around This
Solution: Cooler

Question: Popular Beard Style Of The 1990s
Solution: Goatee

Question: Possessions Property Resources
Solution: Assets

Question: Problems Or Obstacles To Overcome
Solution: Issues

Question: Rum And Fruit Cocktail For The Undead
Solution: Zombie

Question: Scale Used For Measuring Tornado Strength
Solution: Fujita

Question: The M In MAC Art Cosmetics
Solution: Makeup

Question: White China Clay Used In Paper Paint And Drugs
Solution: Kaolin

Question: Wild Mad Behavior Or Panic
Solution: Frenzy

Question: Party Vettriano Trio On A Beach With Parasols
Solution: Picnic

Question: Sulu Star Trek Character Played By Takei
Solution: Hikaru

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