Codycross Casino Group 272 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 1977 Bond Film The Spy Who
Solution: Loved me

Question: A Troche
Solution: Lozenge

Question: A Very Large Baleen Whale Of Cold Waters
Solution: Bowhead

Question: Action Films With Bruce Willis As John McClane
Solution: Die hard

Question: Chelsea No Holds Barred Female Comic
Solution: Handler

Question: Chinese E Commerce Company Founded By Jack Ma
Solution: Alibaba

Question: Chinese Title For Supreme Deity Creator God
Solution: Shangdi

Question: Chopped Meat In Cilindrical Case
Solution: Sausage

Question: Counterfeit Copy Of A Coin Painting Etc
Solution: Forgery

Question: First President Of The Republic Of Indonesia
Solution: Sukarno

Question: Flowery Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar
Solution: Floreal

Question: French Term For Sweet Fried Dough
Solution: Beignet

Question: Intermediate Boss
Solution: Manager

Question: It Means Nada In Spanish
Solution: Nothing

Question: It Means Black In German
Solution: Schwarz

Question: Juliets Clan
Solution: Capulet

Question: Mozart Symphony No 41 Is Named After This Planet
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Pair Of Kings Poker Starting Hand
Solution: Cowboys

Question: Relating To Or Cause By Heat
Solution: Thermal

Question: SI Unit Of Luminous Intensity Symbol Cd
Solution: Candela

Question: Seat Car Model Named After An Andalusian City
Solution: Cordoba

Question: Stiff Silky Transparent Dress Fabric
Solution: Organza

Question: The Battle Of Little Ended Custers Life
Solution: Bighorn

Question: The Pop Group Inspired By Comic Book
Solution: Archies

Question: Walk Wearily
Solution: Traipse

Question: Western Port City On Ligurian Sea With La Venezia
Solution: Livorno

Question: What Have I Done To This Pet Shop Boys Hit
Solution: Deserve

Question: Saint Saens Wrote His First Piece At Age Five
Solution: Camille

Question: Punch Given In Response
Solution: Counter

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