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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Copacabana The Hottest Spot North Of
Solution: Havana

Question: A Company A Building Society Owned By The Members
Solution: Mutual

Question: Burns Scottish Verse Form
Solution: Stanza

Question: Dishwasher Small Dishwashers
Solution: Drawer

Question: Fiesty Son Of Strict Father 1931 Pre Code Film
Solution: Skippy

Question: Groups Of People Eg Chinook Zulu Pashtun
Solution: Tribes

Question: Hot Kids Game Of Tossing Tuber
Solution: Potato

Question: Information Of No Relevance
Solution: Trivia

Question: John Threes Company Star Died At Just 54
Solution: Ritter

Question: Kim Jong Il Wrote 6 Of These Supposedly
Solution: Operas

Question: Martina Hingis Sport
Solution: Tennis

Question: Materialize Appear Come Forth
Solution: Emerge

Question: Posture Standing Anagram Of Ascent
Solution: Stance

Question: Primary River Running Through Amsterdam
Solution: Amstel

Question: Robin US Singer
Solution: Thicke

Question: Slopes Is At An Angle
Solution: Slants

Question: Speed Is Solving Rubiks Cubes Really Fast
Solution: Cubing

Question: The Pump Popular Shoe In 1989
Solution: Reebok

Question: The Largest Of The Foot Digits Used For Balance
Solution: Big toe

Question: They Provide Evidence That Protects Accused People
Solution: Alibis

Question: Trashed Anagram Of Inured
Solution: Ruined

Question: Sweet Successful Tour By Madonna
Solution: Sticky

Question: Gates Entrance To Heaven Covered In Jewels
Solution: Pearly

Question: Heart Honor For Those Killed Wounded In War
Solution: Purple

Question: Cell Mutated Red Blood Cell
Solution: Sickle

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