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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Vices Counterpart
Solution: Virtue

Question: Award Winning Director Of Stand By Me
Solution: Reiner

Question: Bullet Point Plan For A Meeting
Solution: Agenda

Question: Easter Day In Italy
Solution: Pasqua

Question: French City Maine Et Loire Dept Head Maddening
Solution: Angers

Question: Gossipy Disclosure Of Confidences
Solution: Tattle

Question: Governor Of A Province In Ancient Persia
Solution: Satrap

Question: Grapeskin Compound Thats Astringent To Taste
Solution: Tannin

Question: Greek Goddess To Whom The Parthenon Was Dedicated
Solution: Athena

Question: Interior Footwear Accessory
Solution: Insole

Question: Luggage Hauler
Solution: Porter

Question: Medical Surgical Dressing Samwises Surname
Solution: Gamgee

Question: Negative Critical People
Solution: Haters

Question: Ocean Surrounding The Country Of Madagascar
Solution: Indian

Question: Pictures
Solution: Images

Question: Room To Move Or Margin Of Safety
Solution: Leeway

Question: Sign Of The Bull In Astrology
Solution: Taurus

Question: Soup Can Painter Andy
Solution: Warhol

Question: Temporary Setback Fault In An App Or Program
Solution: Glitch

Question: Text Copies Made For Examination Or Correction
Solution: Proofs

Question: To Inscribe To A Certain Activity Or Contract
Solution: Sign up

Question: Traditional Fishing Boat With Four Cornered Sails
Solution: Lugger

Question: William Penns Religion
Solution: Quaker

Question: Panettiere US Actress Activist
Solution: Hayden

Question: Safari Citrus Juice African Ride Cocktail
Solution: Orange

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