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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Parcel
Solution: Package

Question: Ate Like A Turkey
Solution: Gobbled

Question: Atlantas Other Bird Mascot Not The Hawks
Solution: Falcons

Question: Auditory Membrane Shaped Like A Cone
Solution: Eardrum

Question: Cultural Institutions With Objects On Display
Solution: Museums

Question: Doling Out
Solution: Issuing

Question: Famous London Ones Leicester Trafalgar And Soho
Solution: Squares

Question: Former Soviet Country All Children Play Chess
Solution: Armenia

Question: French Bagpipes
Solution: Musette

Question: Fruit Stewed Or Boiled Dessert
Solution: Compote

Question: Game Played On Ice With Flat Stones And Brooms
Solution: Curling

Question: Major Port On Argentinas Parana River
Solution: Rosario

Question: More Than Half Illuminated
Solution: Gibbous

Question: Most Common Of This Bird Lives In Farm Structure
Solution: Barn owl

Question: Musical Follow Up Film Mamma Mia Here We
Solution: Go again

Question: Mythical Bird That Rose From The Ashes
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Not Sick
Solution: Healthy

Question: Old Term For Being Afraid Of Something
Solution: Afeared

Question: Pink Eared Poodle Who Wore Sunglasses
Solution: Poochie

Question: Pop Queen From The 1980s Like A Virgin Song
Solution: Madonna

Question: Samuel L US Actor
Solution: Jackson

Question: Sobbing Tearfully
Solution: Weeping

Question: Term For A Temporary Military Camp
Solution: Bivouac

Question: Three Is A Crowd Two Is
Solution: Company

Question: Wearable Travel Bag With Numerous Huge Pockets
Solution: Jaktogo

Question: Volcano Group Cocktail With Tropical Twist
Solution: Flaming

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