Codycross Casino Group 270 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Kickers Success Worth 3 Points In Football
Solution: Field goal

Question: Arrhenphobia
Solution: Fear of men

Question: Facial Disease From Painting Watch Dials
Solution: Radium jaw

Question: Fashion Choice Displayed On The Head
Solution: Hairstyle

Question: Film Musical That Featured Dont Rain On My Parade
Solution: Funny girl

Question: Impulsive Rash
Solution: Impetuous

Question: Korean Shaved Ice Means Red Beans
Solution: Patbingsu

Question: Lightning Never Strikes Twice In The
Solution: Same place

Question: Moving At An Incredibly Fast Speed
Solution: Lightning

Question: One Who Studies Spiritualism Alchemy Magic Etc
Solution: Occultist

Question: Publicise
Solution: Advertise

Question: Ranked Classification Of Organisms Low To High
Solution: Hierarchy

Question: Small Whirlwind That Lifts Debris Off The Ground
Solution: Dust devil

Question: Viewing Balconies On Buildings To Admire Views
Solution: Platforms

Question: When A Radio Station Is Broadcasting Right Now
Solution: Live on air

Question: Blum She Loses Her Honor In A Book By Boll
Solution: Katharina

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