Codycross Casino Group 270 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Afternoon Performances On Stage
Solution: Matinees

Question: Almond Cookie Pastry From Sicily
Solution: Ciarduna

Question: Alpine Glacial Lake Near Finsteraarhorn Peak
Solution: Lake thun

Question: Archbishop First President Of Cyprus
Solution: Makarios

Question: Battlefield Is A FPS Console Video Game
Solution: Hardline

Question: Bluish Markings From An Injury
Solution: Bruising

Question: Country Where Osama Bin Laden Was Found And Killed
Solution: Pakistan

Question: Dear Abby With A PhD Dr Joyce
Solution: Brothers

Question: Diverged From The Main Path Like A Tree
Solution: Branched

Question: Door Mechanism Opened By Key A Stalled Situation
Solution: Deadlock

Question: Housing Provided For Military Personnel
Solution: Quarters

Question: Italian Music Term For Graceful
Solution: Grazioso

Question: Lordly Arrogant
Solution: Cavalier

Question: Most Abundant Chemical Element In The Sun
Solution: Hydrogen

Question: Mudbug
Solution: Crawfish

Question: Person From The Country Whose Capital Is Madrid
Solution: Spaniard

Question: Restaurant Food Intended To Be Eaten At Home
Solution: Takeaway

Question: Tiny Town Placed On Top Of A Clover Flower
Solution: Whoville

Question: Story A Tale About Two Rival Gangs In NYC
Solution: West side

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