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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Ive Got A Girl In 1943 Oscar Nominated Tune
Solution: Kalamazoo

Question: American Megafauna Is A Board Game On
Solution: Evolution

Question: Angelic Shape You Make On The Ground During Winter
Solution: Snow angel

Question: Australian City With The Biggest Greek Population
Solution: Melbourne

Question: Being Overly Occupied With One Particular Pursuit
Solution: Obsession

Question: Brand Of Grain Alcohol
Solution: Everclear

Question: Campaigner Demonstrator
Solution: Protestor

Question: Childhood Pouches With Sweets And Small Toys
Solution: Lucky bags

Question: Chocolate Ovoid Eaten At Springtime
Solution: Easter egg

Question: He Claimed Canada For The British
Solution: John cabot

Question: Juicy Square Fruit Celestial Fruit Candies
Solution: Starburst

Question: Little Rests Pauses For Recovery
Solution: Breathers

Question: Marching Style Of Many Armies Esp The Nazis
Solution: Goosestep

Question: Noticeable And Unwelcome Getting In The Way
Solution: Obtrusive

Question: Othello Strangles Her
Solution: Desdemona

Question: Pondering But Change One Letter
Solution: Wondering

Question: Potential Provider Of Blood Or Organs Carries One
Solution: Donor card

Question: Rear End Of A Cars Dual Exhaust System
Solution: Tailpipes

Question: Skeletal Muscle Separating Abdominal Cavities
Solution: Diaphragm

Question: The Streets Of San A Michael Douglas TV Show
Solution: Francisco

Question: They Live Beyond The Wall
Solution: Wildlings

Question: Verbal Speech Taken Down By Secretary In Note Form
Solution: Dictation

Question: Was A Bugger For The Bottle Said Monty Python
Solution: Aristotle

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