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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: British Expression A Game Of Two
Solution: Halves

Question: Capital Raised Through Shares
Solution: Stocks

Question: Chess Piece Between The Rook And Bishop
Solution: Knight

Question: Compartment In Furniture
Solution: Drawer

Question: Deadly Fatal
Solution: Lethal

Question: Inuit Sealskin Boot
Solution: Mukluk

Question: Itchy Red Skin Condition
Solution: Eczema

Question: Lightly Touch Someone Causing Them To Be Itchy
Solution: Tickle

Question: Lost Began As A Board Game Before An Xbox One
Solution: Cities

Question: One Of The Many X Factors Judge
Solution: Cheryl

Question: Shiny Fabric
Solution: Sateen

Question: Shout Loudly Out Of Fright
Solution: Scream

Question: Site Of Major Peruvian Earthquake Of 1970
Solution: Ancash

Question: Sore Blisters Of Skin Occasionally In The Stomach
Solution: Ulcers

Question: Steelers Mean Joe
Solution: Greene

Question: They Will Escort You To The Seat In A Theatre
Solution: Ushers

Question: Turkish Porridge For The Muharram
Solution: Ashure

Question: Washed Out Anagram Of Iceman
Solution: Anemic

Question: Half Pants Used In Summer For Sports
Solution: Shorts

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