Codycross Casino Group 269 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Tall Drink Combining Chilled White Wine And Soda
Solution: Spritzer

Question: Andy Played Opies Father Sheriff Andy Taylor
Solution: Griffith

Question: Auto Safety Feature
Solution: Seat belt

Question: Brave Science Fiction Fable By Aldous Huxley
Solution: New world

Question: Castilla Spanish Autonomous Community
Solution: La mancha

Question: Checkers In The UK
Solution: Draughts

Question: Glacial Danger
Solution: Crevasse

Question: Groups Of Two
Solution: Pairings

Question: Iron Carbon Alloy Discovered During Zhou Dynasty
Solution: Cast iron

Question: Memorial Words On A Plaque
Solution: Epitaphs

Question: Rebounding Uncontrollably Like A Fired Bullet
Solution: Ricochet

Question: Scene It Is A DVD Game By Screenlife
Solution: Question

Question: Snake Like Device For Watering A Garden
Solution: Hosepipe

Question: What Goes Up Must
Solution: Come down

Question: Wide Catches The Ball From The Quarterback
Solution: Receiver

Question: Sense Bruce Willis Movie About Ghosts
Solution: The sixth

Question: Sense Bruce Willis Played A Ghost
Solution: The sixth

Question: Sin Refers To Any Of The Seven Deadly Sins
Solution: Cardinal

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