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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Begs Entreats
Solution: Pleads

Question: Blackboard Film Featured Rock Around The Clock
Solution: Jungle

Question: Board Game Candy Bar Happy Day
Solution: Pay day

Question: Equivalent Of The Stock Exchange In France La
Solution: Bourse

Question: Faulkners Novel Set In The 1930s Light In
Solution: August

Question: If You Want To Know More About Plants Study This
Solution: Botany

Question: Irish Bodies Of Water Known As Lochs In Scotland
Solution: Loughs

Question: Major The Electronic Organ
Solution: Morgan

Question: Most Fundamental Basic
Solution: Barest

Question: Pasta Shaped Like A Very Long Tube
Solution: Zitoni

Question: Peninsular Site Of The Yalta Conference Of 1945
Solution: Crimea

Question: Pigeon That Returns
Solution: Homing

Question: Possession Is Nine Tenths Of
Solution: The law

Question: Site Of Major Chinese Earthquake In 2014
Solution: Ludian

Question: Start City Of An Antipodean Boxing Day Yacht Race
Solution: Sydney

Question: TV Show About A Rebel Spy And Assassin
Solution: Nikita

Question: That Is To Say
Solution: Namely

Question: The Iconic Muppet The Frog
Solution: Kermit

Question: Thelma They Drove A Ford Thunderbird
Solution: Louise

Question: This Type Of Shop Sells Second Hand Clothes
Solution: Thrift

Question: Yesterdays Tomorrows
Solution: Todays

Question: Cooler Traditional Cuban Cocktail With Rum
Solution: Havana

Question: Lewis Boxer Who Memorably Beat Tyson In 2002
Solution: Lennox

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