Codycross Casino Group 268 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Drink A Plant And A Film
Solution: Squash

Question: An Octopus Has Three Of These
Solution: Hearts

Question: Beatles Haircut
Solution: Mop top

Question: Bram Who Penned Dracula
Solution: Stoker

Question: Composer Of The Messiah
Solution: Handel

Question: Danish King Who Showed Lack Of Power Over The Tide
Solution: Canute

Question: Eye Color Determinant
Solution: Allele

Question: First Prime Minister Of Israel David Ben
Solution: Gurion

Question: For For Poorer Traditional Wedding Vow
Solution: Richer

Question: Gin Lime And Soda Drunk By The Great Gatsby
Solution: Rickey

Question: Joe Co Founder Of Airbnb
Solution: Gebbia

Question: Largest European Country By Area
Solution: Russia

Question: Mrs Wilson In Gosford Park Actress Helen
Solution: Mirren

Question: Not The Top
Solution: Bottom

Question: Pet Rodent Not Hamster
Solution: Gerbil

Question: Primary Language Of Indian Andhra Pradesh State
Solution: Telugu

Question: Seal Between Engine Block And Cylinder Head
Solution: Gasket

Question: Star Also Known As The Dog Star
Solution: Sirius

Question: Strait That Separates Russia And The US
Solution: Bering

Question: Tech Brand That Produces The IdeaPad
Solution: Lenovo

Question: The Youngest Child In The Simpsons
Solution: Maggie

Question: To Breathe With Difficulty Rhymes With Cheese
Solution: Wheeze

Question: To Come Back
Solution: Return

Question: Tool With Two Jaws For Gripping Pulling
Solution: Pincer

Question: Walls Barriers Hedges Usually Picketed
Solution: Fences

Question: Whoopi Goldbergs Self Professed Biggest Fear
Solution: Flying

Question: Garden Operation Codename For Battle Of Arnhem
Solution: Market

Question: At Night Shepherds Delight
Solution: Red sky

Question: Stick Photo Pole Helps Take Your Own Image
Solution: Selfie

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