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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Funny Name For An Earring
Solution: Sleeper

Question: Bananensis Blennys Are Found In The Atlantic
Solution: Eastern

Question: Blennies Are Found In The Atlantic
Solution: Eastern

Question: Chinese Capital Previously Known As Peking
Solution: Beijing

Question: Fenced Off Area For Baby To Stay Safe At Home
Solution: Play pen

Question: Hatched And Despatched Describes Life Stages
Solution: Matched

Question: Heavy Fabric Interwoven With A Rich Raised Design
Solution: Brocade

Question: Inked Skin Designs
Solution: Tattoos

Question: Land Of Legos Famous Pastry Named After Itself
Solution: Denmark

Question: Late Replacement On The Ill Fated Apollo 13 Flight
Solution: Swigert

Question: Lord Voldemort Is Played By Actor Ralph
Solution: Fiennes

Question: Nicolai Is A Villain On Danny Phantom
Solution: Technus

Question: One Who Thinks Very Highly Of Oneself
Solution: Egotist

Question: Peter French Philosopher Lover Of Heloise
Solution: Abelard

Question: Post Life Ceremony
Solution: Funeral

Question: President Who Signed Civil Rights Act Of 1964
Solution: Johnson

Question: Professional Card Player
Solution: Rounder

Question: Routes Planes Regularly Fly Through
Solution: Airways

Question: Someone Who Likes To Arrange Things Ahead Of Time
Solution: Planner

Question: Someone Who Likes To Organize Things With Time
Solution: Planner

Question: Spray Can
Solution: Aerosol

Question: Squares Of Filled Italian Pasta
Solution: Ravioli

Question: Stands On The Mound In Baseball
Solution: Pitcher

Question: The Other Name For Tungsten Symbol W
Solution: Wolfram

Question: The Shape Of A Baseball Field
Solution: Diamond

Question: To Quit Before The End
Solution: Drop out

Question: To Spread Out A Liquid Thin Scatter
Solution: Diffuse

Question: Tom US TV Personality Magnums Star
Solution: Selleck

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