Codycross Casino Group 267 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Canine Grapefruit Cocktail Salty Dog On Rim
Solution: Greyhound

Question: 1987 Bond Film The Living
Solution: Daylights

Question: Agricultural Sowing Device Invented By Jethro Tull
Solution: Seed drill

Question: Characterized By Repeated Bouncing
Solution: Ballistic

Question: Dr Spocks Baby And Parenting Handbook
Solution: Childcare

Question: High Chairs Used In Classy Drinks Establishments
Solution: Barstools

Question: Inca Creator Responsible For Nazca Lines
Solution: Viracocha

Question: Jesus Christ Lloyd Webber Rice Rock Opera
Solution: Superstar

Question: Light Blue Gemstone
Solution: Turquoise

Question: Moving Under The Force Of Gravity Only
Solution: Ballistic

Question: Name Of The Patient In The Board Game Operation
Solution: Cavity sam

Question: Nickname For US City Detroit Michigan
Solution: Motor city

Question: Nickname Of Tennis Player John McEnroe
Solution: Superbrat

Question: Ships Flag Indicating Its Leaving Port
Solution: Bluepeter

Question: Similar To Socks But Longer
Solution: Stockings

Question: Spreading The Digits In A Bob Fosse Fashion
Solution: Jazzhands

Question: Stifled Asphyxiated
Solution: Smothered

Question: Sulphite Mineral Used In Masonry
Solution: Aluminite

Question: The Beasts Right Hand And Pendulum Clock
Solution: Cogsworth

Question: The Brown Part Of Neapolitan Ice Cream
Solution: Ballistic

Question: The Workforce Or The HR Department
Solution: Personnel

Question: Trial Period To Assess Fitness Or Readiness
Solution: Probation

Question: With Woodward He Exposed The Watergate Affair
Solution: Bernstein

Question: Mac UK US Band With Albums Tusk And Rumours
Solution: Fleetwood

Question: A History Of The English Speaking Peoples Author
Solution: Churchill

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