Codycross Casino Group 267 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Small Footstool
Solution: Cricket

Question: A Small Item Of Jewelry Bauble
Solution: Trinket

Question: Action That Pancake Makers Are Involved In
Solution: Tossing

Question: Author Of A Brief History Of Time Stephen
Solution: Hawking

Question: Charming And Pretty Or You You Lose Some
Solution: Winsome

Question: Diameter Of The Bore Of A Gun Bullet Measure
Solution: Caliber

Question: Flagship Of The Decepticons In Transformers
Solution: Nemesis

Question: Goat Antelope Native To Mountains In Europe
Solution: Chamois

Question: Head Of Educational Establishment
Solution: Provost

Question: Highly Collectible Stuffed Toys On Strings
Solution: Puppets

Question: In Bizets Carmen The Soldier That Kills Her
Solution: Don jose

Question: Natalie Israeli American Star Of Black Swan
Solution: Portman

Question: New Orleans Nightlife Center Street
Solution: Bourbon

Question: Rats And Mice
Solution: Rodents

Question: Real Authentic
Solution: Genuine

Question: Salt Lake Bordering Jordan
Solution: Dead sea

Question: Small Apes Of South East Asia
Solution: Gibbons

Question: The Flower Diego Riveras Oil Painting
Solution: Carrier

Question: The Bravery To Do Something Difficult
Solution: Courage

Question: The First Iraq War Was Known As The Gulf War
Solution: Persian

Question: They Speak Louder Than Words
Solution: Actions

Question: Vegetable Fat Harvested From Rainforest Trees
Solution: Palm oil

Question: Wax Drawing Implements
Solution: Crayons

Question: William Who Played Captain Kirk
Solution: Shatner

Question: Club Frequent Flyer Scheme Of Monarch Airlines
Solution: Vantage

Question: Nakamoto Bitcoin Digital Currency Designer
Solution: Satoshi

Question: Toenail Painful Nail Disease
Solution: Ingrown

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