Codycross Casino Group 266 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 1991 Chart Topping Album For REM
Solution: Out of time

Question: 1992 Sci Fi Horror Man
Solution: Lawnmower

Question: Balanced Out By Weaknesses
Solution: Strengths

Question: Bundner Swiss Pastry Of Caramelised Walnuts
Solution: Nusstorte

Question: Civil War General Thomas J Jacksons Nickname
Solution: Stonewall

Question: Irish Tall Shaggy Dog Breed
Solution: Wolfhound

Question: Jeffrey Middlesex Writer
Solution: Eugenides

Question: Modern Day Name Of The City Of Stalingrad
Solution: Volgograd

Question: Naga Glowing Phenomenon On The Mekong River
Solution: Fireballs

Question: Person In Charge Of Keeping Official Records
Solution: Registrar

Question: Person Who Takes Care Of Insects That Make Honey
Solution: Beekeeper

Question: Piece Of Cloth Used To Dry Fingers And Palms
Solution: Hand towel

Question: Records Details Of Your Birth And Can Marry You
Solution: Registrar

Question: Saturday Night Live Sketch About An Alien Family
Solution: Coneheads

Question: They Make Up Half The Casualties Of War
Solution: Civilians

Question: To Count Or Work Out Mathematical Problems
Solution: Calculate

Question: Toy Car Brand By Mattel
Solution: Hotwheels

Question: Turning A Ship On Its Side
Solution: Careening

Question: When You Balance Upside Down Not On Your Hands
Solution: Headstand

Question: Winston UK Prime Minister During WWII
Solution: Churchill

Question: Green Color Named After German City
Solution: Brunswick

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