Codycross Casino Group 266 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Cow Moos A Donkey Brays A Horse
Solution: Neighs

Question: Creme French Dessert Of Cold Set Custard
Solution: Brûlée

Question: Dorothy 1976 Gold Medal Female Skater
Solution: Hamill

Question: Dust And Rock Ejected By A Volcano
Solution: Tephra

Question: Fall Through The
Solution: Cracks

Question: Long Vehicle For Transporting A Coffin
Solution: Hearse

Question: Long Vehicle For Transporting The Deceased
Solution: Hearse

Question: Noisy Fight Or Punch Up A Brawl
Solution: Fracas

Question: Roosters That Have Been Castrated
Solution: Capons

Question: Sad Words To Kids School
Solution: Back to

Question: Sergeant Had A Lonely Hearts Club Band
Solution: Pepper

Question: The On The River Kwai Won An Oscar In 1958
Solution: Bridge

Question: The Wealthy Girl In Billy Joel Song Is From There
Solution: Uptown

Question: Virgils History Of Rome
Solution: Aeneid

Question: Wealthy Girl In Billy Joels Classic Song
Solution: Uptown

Question: Wide Curved Bones Between The Spine And Legs
Solution: Pelvis

Question: Girl Scatters Petals In Front Of The Bride
Solution: Flower

Question: Kameez Traditional Two Piece Indian Outfit
Solution: Salwar

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