Codycross Casino Group 266 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Le Rouge Et Le Noir French Authors Pen Name
Solution: Stendhal

Question: 1994 Film That Started A Sci Fi Franchise
Solution: Stargate

Question: A Theological Institution
Solution: Seminary

Question: Another Name For The Trachea
Solution: Windpipe

Question: Cooling Water Until It Is Solid
Solution: Freezing

Question: Dangerous Period Piece With Glenn Close
Solution: Liaisons

Question: Historical Rabbi A Reasoner
Solution: Savoraim

Question: Lilac Blue Flower Used In Perfumes Candles Soaps
Solution: Lavender

Question: Muscovite Like Mica With Magnesium
Solution: Phengite

Question: One Person Card Game Not For The Easily Annoyed
Solution: Patience

Question: Partner Of Troilus Who Becomes Unfaithful To Him
Solution: Cressida

Question: Pirate Ship Loaded And Ready For Battle
Solution: Man of war

Question: Red North Italian Wine Grape With High Tannins
Solution: Nebbiolo

Question: Relaxing
Solution: Chilling

Question: Speaks Of Refers To
Solution: Mentions

Question: The Executive Capital Of South Africa
Solution: Pretoria

Question: Three Plus Twenty Minus Ten
Solution: Thirteen

Question: Toxic Evergreen Shrub Flower Of Hiroshima
Solution: Oleander

Question: Line Marker On The Sides Of Ships
Solution: Plimsoll

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