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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: An Opening Move In Chess Involving Sacrifice
Solution: Gambit

Question: Country Where Volvo Was Founded
Solution: Sweden

Question: DJs Creative Song Introductions
Solution: Liners

Question: Dairy Rejecters
Solution: Vegans

Question: Financially Backed A Gambler
Solution: Staked

Question: First Planet To Be Identified With A Telescope
Solution: Uranus

Question: Foul Ups
Solution: Snafus

Question: Gordon Famously Hot Headed And Successful Chef
Solution: Ramsay

Question: Iran In Ancient Times
Solution: Persia

Question: Opened Mouth Because Of Tiredness
Solution: Yawned

Question: Part Of An Item Made For Holding Or Carrying
Solution: Handle

Question: TV Clown On The Simpsons
Solution: Krusty

Question: Tie That Doesnt Need To Be Tied
Solution: Clip on

Question: To Provoke Start A Reaction
Solution: Fire up

Question: Woman Played By Lindsay Wagner In The 70s
Solution: Bionic

Question: Man 1945 Musical About Identical Twins
Solution: Wonder

Question: Panda Featured Po An Aspiring Martial Artist
Solution: Kung fu

Question: Acid Process Aid In Beverages Aka Tannin
Solution: Tannic

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