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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Life Like Doll Who Could Really Show Her Emotions
Solution: Tiny tears

Question: Anagram Of Ari Got All A Florida Swamp Animal
Solution: Alligator

Question: Bean Shaped Gland In The Immune System
Solution: Lymph node

Question: City In Germany Thats Home To The Porsche Museum
Solution: Stuttgart

Question: Daenerys Is Played By Emilia Clarke
Solution: Targaryen

Question: First Meal Of The Day In The Morning
Solution: Breakfast

Question: French Term For Wine Steward Or Connoisseur
Solution: Sommelier

Question: Learn About Children By Studying This
Solution: Paedology

Question: Parachuting As Sport
Solution: Skydiving

Question: Recognized As The Wisest Man In All Of Oz
Solution: Scarecrow

Question: The Reformed Pirate Rules Jamaica
Solution: Black swan

Question: The Most Tired
Solution: Sleepiest

Question: To Construct A Lie
Solution: Fabricate

Question: What Your Heart Does When Facing A Sudden Emotion
Solution: Skip a beat

Question: Wooden Or Plastic Circles Twirl Around The Body
Solution: Hula hoops

Question: When Youre Having Fun
Solution: Time flies

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