Codycross Casino Group 265 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Body 2008 Spy Thriller Starring DiCaprio
Solution: Of lies

Question: Chief Inspector Wexford And DI Mike
Solution: Burden

Question: Consolation Comfort
Solution: Solace

Question: Currency Of Hungary
Solution: Forint

Question: Dickerson Sawyer Are Better Known As Louise
Solution: Thelma

Question: Espresso Drink With Milk And Dollop Of Ice Cream
Solution: Freddo

Question: Gloved Hands Combat Sport
Solution: Boxing

Question: Holy City In Saudi Arabia Burial Place Of Muhammad
Solution: Medina

Question: Horse Peppery Root Used To Make Wasabi Sauce
Solution: Radish

Question: Lower Powered Motorbike Loved By Mods
Solution: Mopeds

Question: Otherworldly Apparitions
Solution: Ghosts

Question: Papers Made From The Stems Of Tall Marsh Plants
Solution: Papyri

Question: Richard Harrow In Boardwalk Empire Jack
Solution: Huston

Question: Sentence Structure Study
Solution: Syntax

Question: Snow Sliding Sports Practitioners
Solution: Skiers

Question: Soaked To The Skin
Solution: Sodden

Question: Some Who Enjoys Going On Foot
Solution: Walker

Question: Sour Tart Vinegary
Solution: Acidic

Question: Spread Eg Germs Or Disease
Solution: Pass on

Question: Ted Diagnosed With Cat Scratch Fever
Solution: Nugent

Question: The Deer De Niro Walken Changed By War
Solution: Hunter

Question: The Art Or Technique Of Making Motion Pictures
Solution: Cinema

Question: To Increase Prices Abruptly
Solution: Jack up

Question: Way Mood
Solution: Manner

Question: Forward Fall Back
Solution: Spring

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