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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Tunisia
Solution: Kairouan

Question: Autocue Helper
Solution: Prompter

Question: Body Of Water Off Leghorn Where Shelley Drowned
Solution: La spezia

Question: Cast Iron Bread Of Boers In South Africa
Solution: Potbrood

Question: Chicago Baseball Team
Solution: White sox

Question: Cook Who Works Under The Head In A Kitchen
Solution: Sous chef

Question: Cyd Actress Of The Band Wagon
Solution: Charisse

Question: Hair Growing Above Your Eye Sockets
Solution: Eyebrows

Question: It Means Fireplace In Spanish
Solution: Chimenea

Question: Most Abundant Salt In Seawater Sodium
Solution: Chloride

Question: Needlework For Dresses With Honeycomb Pattern
Solution: Smocking

Question: Not Forever
Solution: Temporal

Question: On Futurama Slim Is Hermes Rival
Solution: Barbados

Question: Persistently Showing Commitment To The Cause
Solution: Doggedly

Question: Peter Poet Companion Of Allen Ginsberg
Solution: Orlovsky

Question: Relating To Time
Solution: Temporal

Question: Roasted Over An Open Fire At Christmas
Solution: Chestnut

Question: Scientific Prediction Of Upcoming Weather
Solution: Forecast

Question: Short Lived
Solution: Meteoric

Question: Two Strips Of Hair On The Forehead
Solution: Eyebrows

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