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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 2017 Best Seller By Bill OReilly Old
Solution: School

Question: A Dark Sooty Shade Of Brown Or Grey
Solution: Bistre

Question: A Genus Of Colorful Sea Slugs
Solution: Tambja

Question: Accompany Someone On A Date
Solution: Escort

Question: Aung San Burmese Nobel Prize Winner
Solution: Suu kyi

Question: Clear Of Chin Hair
Solution: Shaven

Question: Continent With The Most Countries
Solution: Africa

Question: European River Travels Through Ten Countries
Solution: Danube

Question: Gerd German Striker With Knack For The Goal
Solution: Muller

Question: Honda Car Model Its Name Sounds Like An Agreement
Solution: Accord

Question: Julian Alps Basin Crossed By Sava Bohinjka River
Solution: Bohinj

Question: Lender At High Interest Rates Old Term
Solution: Usurer

Question: Messy
Solution: Untidy

Question: Movie Of Blue People Forum Character
Solution: Avatar

Question: Philosophy Branch Concerned With Mental Events
Solution: Of mind

Question: Scowl Knit Ones Brow
Solution: Glower

Question: Shakespearean Play With The Character Of Ophelia
Solution: Hamlet

Question: Small Piece That Holds The End Of A Belt In Place
Solution: Keeper

Question: Something That Is Morally Wrong
Solution: Sinful

Question: Strong And Big
Solution: Mighty

Question: To Pay No Attention To
Solution: Ignore

Question: White Collar Workers Work Here
Solution: Office

Question: Of Wales Champagne Drink By Albert Edward
Solution: Prince

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